If you or someone you care about has been falsely accused of shaking an infant, you must learn everything you can about the controversy. A shocking number of cases represent misdiagnoses.

You will absolutely need all of the child’s medical records: family history, prenatal, birth, pediatric, EMT, ER, hospitalization, and follow-up; radiology on disk; and in fatal cases autopsy reports, autopsy photographs, slides, and tissue samples. For a handy checklist, see

See A Brief History of SBS on this blog for the shortest of all possible summaries of the medical literature, or this academic treatment for the expanded version. For the book-length treatment, order a copy of  The Forensic Unreliability of the Shaken Baby Syndrome, by trial attorney Randy Papetti.

In the fall of 2016, a Swedish agency charged with evaluating health technology and social services conducted a literature review  and concluded that the scientific support for shaken baby theory is inadequate.

A number of people and organizations offer information and help to those wrongfully accused of shaking or slamming an infant.

Legal Resources

Medical References

Other Technical Resources

Support for Accused Families


If you know an innocent person still in prison for a shaking conviction, consider looking up your regional Innocence Project, as some projects, but not all, are now reviewing SBS cases for possible appeal. Inundated with requests, they will require a lot of documentation before considering your case. The initial application normally needs to come from the inmate.

For a collection of news stories that raise questions about shaken baby theory, please see

Best wishes to us all.

39 responses to “Resources

  1. Patricia Padilla

    I would like help, resources and advise pertaining to fighting SBS case. I am being falsely accused and need help proving my innocence.

    Thank you,

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  3. Evelyn Nelson

    My Daughter was falsely accused of shaken baby in 2001 and is now in prison, I need to find all information proving a short distance fall can cause the same injuries as shaken baby, or any other help you can provide.that will help us in her case.


    Hello, we are currently fighting against a false sbs accusation. I am desperate to find dr.s in michigan to take my one year old to that can look at her with an open mind look at all the facts to tell us what actually happened to our child. I want an accurate diagnosis but don’t know where to find on a good Dr. Are there any resources I can find to help us?

  5. Marty

    Hello Sue,

    I am also currently fighting charges and a CPS case regarding my infant son, any information you could provide would be more than helpful!

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Nancy

    Sue, where is that movie that you posted going to be viewed? Is it viewable to the public. I forget what it was called. Nancy

  7. Camille & Jason Doty

    My wife and I are being accused of abusing our 3 month old angel after a fall from his changing table. No one seems to be listening to us and we are scared. Do you know of any resources available in Memphis, TN? Thank you.

    • No one is listening to you because the child abuse experts have told police and social services that children can’t receive serious injuries in short household falls. You will have to prove otherwise, I’m afraid. Difficult as it is to believe if you haven’t seen it first hand, sincere physicians trained with a flawed model of infant head injury have been targeting innocent families for decades.

      I see you’ve already found my Resources page, which is a good first step.

      I’ve sent you a private email with more information. Many good wishes in the ordeal to come.

      • Janet

        FYI this baby had a skull fracture due to blunt force trauma. He has now been convicted and is looking at as much as 29 years.

      • I am sorry to hear this news. A skull fracture does not prove abuse. Both the medical literature and the media feature reports of infant skull fractures from falls of four feet or less. See, for example,

      • Rachel

        No it doesnt mean that abuse necessarily occurred but the opthamologists testimonies confirmed. Also, you might want to look at the history on this individual. Seriously…

        People are falsely accused. However, some people are monsters.

      • Thank you for commenting.

        According to the article you link, the father said the baby fell off a changing table, and the child abuse experts said the injuries are more consistent with abuse. I do agree that the father’s history of violence is a very bad sign, but in fact, there is no biomechanical evidence to support the theory, popular among child abuse experts, that pediatric short falls are benign.

        The pediatric ophthalmologists, meanwhile, believe they can tell the difference between retinal hemorrhages caused by abuse and retinal hemorrhages caused by accidental impact—but again, there is no objective evidence to support their opinions. At this point, decades of convictions based on unproven theories have given the false impression that those theories have been proven.

  8. Lori tate

    Please help! My husband has been accused of SBS. We need names of doctors that can look at the information to help prove the prosecutors doctor is wrong. Please, please help soon…we are running out of time.

  9. My sister and brother-in-law are dealing with this right now in New Jersey. The baby is 5 weeks old and has been in the hospital for 2 weeks with subdural hematoma. She will be discharged in the next few days. They were told today that they are removing the baby from their custody. The custody hearing will be 48 hours after discharge from the hospital. They hired a lawyer yesterday. Do you have any advice for them? I would like to help them as much as I can.

    • I’ve sent you a private email. The first priority is to get ALL of the medical records, including pre-natal, birth, well baby checkups, and everything surrounding the incident that led to the diagnosis. There’s a handy checklist in one of the files I’m sending you.

      Best wishes to your sister and her family.

  10. Shelly

    My best friend has been in prison for nearly 13 years due to an SBS conviction in the death of his infant son. He was poorly represented at the time, and feels as though this was put on him because he was the last adult with his son, but no other evidence was considered (like his son having a serious illness prior to his death, or the fact that his son was also cared for by the child’s mother and her family primarily, etc) it was documented that the initial cause of death was related to the child’s illness and documented as such at one hospital, and then the information was later changed . My heart goes out to him, because he has suffered tremendous loss and knows very little about the help available to him out here being that he has been in the CA prison system wasting away for the past 13 years on a 25 to life sentence. I welcome any and every bit of resources you can provide me with, so that I can try to help him. While in prison he has lost both of his parents and his support system only consists of myself and his older brother who resides out of state, I really have no idea where to start or who to go to to ask for help on his behalf. I appreciate your time and any help you can provide. Thank you for the information you offer on this site and for giving hope to those who, like my friend have been hopeless for so long, I told him about your site and he said “then maybe somebody out there is going to believe me.”

  11. Isha K.

    I’ve been falsely accused of SBS. I’ve said from day one something was wrong with my baby girl. I need help please! Thank You!

  12. Ashley

    I operated an in home daycare in Texas legally. One child in my care had a medical emergency and it had an unfortunate outcome. I never heard anything about this again until I found out I was being arrested for allegedly injuring the child 5 months later. Stating on my arrest warrant Injury to a Child Causing Non-Accidental Head Trauma. I have not been indicted on anything with no evidence, even a search of my home was empty. There was a hospitalized visit for the child being admitted for 3 days Friday-Sunday. The child was not in my care again until the day of this event. I later found out that the cause of death was SBS while my husband was in CPS court for our 4 children in regards to this. The child did not attend my daycare on a daily basis with the schedule alternating between me and the child father caring for her. Due to this being an ongoing ordeal I do not want to say much more. I have a no contact order in place for my children, and awaiting to see and praying this be dropped as well. Please help!

  13. Heartbroken mom

    I am currently about to start proceedings where they are trying to take my baby away by falsely accusing his father of sbs and I am in need of any resources available. I would very much appreciate any and all help you can offer. Thank you in advance. (Also, I live in California if that makes any difference)

  14. Gen

    My Brother is being Falsely accused of SBS, because he was the last one with his Girlfriends Daughter. Is there any more helpful info that was not in your Resource section? Please help.

  15. Jessica Hill

    need some help. looking for anything or anyone that can help me in my case I am being accused of child abuse my child has some brain bleeding an retina bleed all symptoms are minor but dhs took my kids an doctor has labeled it as SBS the said it was AHT. please help me get my kids back there has got to be something else wrong with my baby bc it’s not child abuse!!!!

  16. Bayork Mills

    My husband is being accused of shaking our son when he was two months old. No charges at all and this happened September 12, 2014. CPS in oklahoma is the only agnecy claiming the impossible here. I need info on Iron-Deficiency Anemia/Venous Thrombosis/SBS if you would have any.

    • I don’t have detailed papers bout iron-deificiency anemia or venous thrombosis, but I have sent you a separate email with some information about shaken baby syndrome. Please leave another message if you don’t receive them. I hope you have an attorney who understands that your husband really is innocent, as well as a complete set of the medical records.

  17. Tamoya Rose-Watson

    Hi Susan. I’m looking for a nueologist who specializes in infant venous thrombosis. Our time is running out. Would you be able to help?

  18. Josue

    I am currently going through this as well. I made false statements due to the mind tricks they played on me and now they are trying to charge me with something I didnt do. He had the Sdh and RH and with no bruises, broken bones nothing. I need help! Currently serving in the USMC

  19. Tiffany

    I would very much like documents summarizing the medical literature regarding various aspects of shaken baby theory. I’ve been falsely accused.

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