This alphabetical index is not always current, but it points to some historical developments. Use the search box in the right-hand panel to search for names or phrases.

The links below take you to individual blog postings, arranged by subject and/or names referenced. I offer this list as an alternative to clicking through the blogs to see what’s there.

Ackley, Leo

Allison, Clayton (“Breathtaking Strength Under Heartless Interrogation”)

Aspelin Family

Avila, Robert

“Baby Yoga” – unsettling form of infant exercise, covered in the tabloids

Bailey, Réne

Baker, Jeff

Baumer, Julie – exonerated

Bernhard, Adele

Biomechanical research – Jumparoo study

Bravos, Zachary, attorney (“Parents, Meet the Experts; Experts, Meet the Parents)

Brumfield, Amanda

Burns, Joshua (“Does the Brain Injury Prove Abuse, or Not?”)

Calise, Tiffani

Curtis, Jason

Del Prete, Jennifer

Everson, Thomas and Brandi (“Medical Child Abuse: Be Careful What you Post”)

Fakoya, Victor (“Fathers in the Cross-Hairs”)

Family Defense Center (“A Family Appeals Court Gets It Right”)

Findley, Keith (“Well Said: Law Reviews Address SBS”)

Freeman, Mark (“Can Hospitals Be Held Accountable?”)

Gilcrist, Robert (“Fathers in the Cross-Hairs”)

Greeley, Christopher MD (“Separating the Sheep From the Wolves”)

Green, Rico (“Short Falls, Long Sentences”)

Griffith, Megan (“Finding a Voice, and a Community”)

Guthkelch, A. Norman MD

Heale, Michelle (“Does the Brain Injury Prove Abuse, or Not?”)

Hershey Medical Center (“Can Hospitals Be Held Accountable?”)

History of SBS     See also individual chapters about the early speculations and the Duhaime research

Holmgren, Brian

Howes, Ashley

Innocent verdicts

Journey With “Justice,”  by Dan Schrock

Kellogg, Nancy MD  (“Old Theories Die Hard“)

Kline, Kelly

Li, Hangbin and Ying

Lopez, Ernie

Lloyd, John, Phd., Biomechanic  – Jumparoo study

Lynøe, Dr. Niels (“Swedish report” on shaken baby syndrome)

Marsden, Damien

Matchin, Colin James

Medical Child Abuse

Mills, Martha

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Narang, Sandeep

NPR, PBS, and Pro Publica

Olsa, Stephanie

Peixoto, Brian

Plunkett, John MD

Rickets cases

San Antonio Four

Satanic ritual abuse (“Old Theories Die Hard“)

SBU (Swedish agency that studied the shaken baby literature)

Scenes of a Crime, by Grover Backcock and Blue Hadaegh

Schrock, Barb and Dan

Smith, Shirley Ree

Spurgeon, Stephanie

Squier, Dr. Waney

Stone, Quentin (“A Yolo County Jury Believes the Father”)

Syndrome, The (a film about shaken baby syndrome)

Tatara, David (“Chess With a Handicap”)

Thomas, Adrian

Truang, Nga (“Coerced Confession Backfires”)

Tuerkheimer, Deborah

Van Vleck, Russ (“Surviving Justice”)

Weaver, Mary

Wilkes, Robert James “Dave”

Witt, Drayton (“Arizona Father Freed”)

Woods, Dr. Joan (“An Evolving Theory, A Tragic Tale”)

Zapana, Victor (“Another SBS Tragedy, Reflected and Amplified“)

2 responses to “Index

  1. The Family of Brian Peixoto is petitioning the MA governor, Advisory Board of Pardons and AG to grant him a new trial. We are asking for support for the following petition on

    We are writing this letter in support of our belief, which can now be scientifically supported in the wrongful conviction of Brian Peixoto. On March 7, 1997, Brian was found guilty of first-degree murder and was sentenced to natural life in prison. There was no physical evidence linking Brian to the death. He was convicted based on faulty science offered by unqualified doctors. His conviction was also based on one of the many versions of events offered by another party. In consideration of prior DSS investigations, this party was desperate to avert the spotlight and offered to change her story as needed in order to aid in the prosecution of an innocent man.
    Brian Peixoto has consistently maintained his innocence. His version of events never changed, from the first time he was interviewed by police in 1996 until today.

    Please join in supporting our cause.
    Thank you

  2. The Illinois Innocence Project is organizing a petition drive to help free an innocent woman, Pam Jacobazzi. Please log on and sign the petition urging Gov. Quinn to grant her pardon. Then I would like you to take a few more seconds to send this message to your email contacts and Facebook friends. Thank you for your support.
    Bill Clutter

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