To the Battlements

Exciting times for those of us following the ongoing controversy around SBS.

NPR, Frontline, and Pro Publica have completed their investigation into infant deaths, and yesterday they reported “an alarming pattern of people accused of killing children based on flawed medical evidence.”

You can find the story in a variety of media and versions:

  • Pro Publica has published its story on-line, with many clickable links to supporting documents: Pro Publica story
  • The full Frontline episode is still available on video: The Child Cases
    (for a handy transcript, click Transcript at the bottom of the page, or click here: transcript)
  • NPR offers both a print version of the story and urls to the Morning Edition and All Things Considered clips: NPR story page

Heather Kirkwood, working instead of eating after a long conference day in Atlanta

If you missed the stories, please check out the sites, and consider leaving a message of your own.

If you’ve ever met Heather Kirkwood (the pro bono attorney in one of the cases covered), you will know the kind of thorough, focused commitment that went into finding the evidence, recruiting the medical experts, and pushing Ernie Lopez’s case with the courts. Heather is also rumored to have opened the doors to today’s broadcast interview with Norman Gulthkelch on Morning Edition.

Alas, I didn’t quite know about it in time to participate in this morning’s on-line chat on the subject.

Here’s to finding a path to justice through careful thought about difficult subjects.


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6 responses to “To the Battlements

  1. Gemma

    Hello I am in a similar situation, I am in London and both me and my fiance have been accused of GBH with intent on suspicion of shaking our daughter, we know we have not caused her injury buts our truths are falling on deaf ears we each currently have legal aid but they don’t feel that we have much to fight with. We feel like we are being backed into a corner and have no way out.
    Our daughter has been in care since 18th December she is our first and we desperately want her home!

  2. I need your help urgently! I’ve been following your link the past 6 months ! Me and my husband have been accused of murder to our baby of one month old! The ortopsi report states that he was killed with a blunt object due to skull fractures and broken ribs! They also claim that my son was abused since birth! He was with me 24/7 ! He was my miracle baby! I loved him to bits! We stay in South Africa and here the teqnoligy doesn’t go that far! They don’t want to look into the blood samples at the hospital! They believe we are guilty and that’s that! We are going to the high court the 3 of Desember! I’m out on bail ,my husband is still locked up! We have lost everything! No means of paying for legal advise or medical investigation! Is there any means that you can help? I’m crying out for a miracle please! Please help us prove that we didn’t kill our baby boy! Please!

    • I’m so sorry to hear of your plight. My condolences both on the loss of your son and on the terrible way you’re being treated now. I’m afraid people rush to judgement in these cases.

      I don’t have any contacts in South Africa, I’m afraid, and there’s not much I could do even if I did. I suggest you join one of the on-line support groups listed on the Resources page of this site.

      Many good wishes.

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