Accused Father Rejects Plea, Insists He’s Innocent

An immigrant father from Queens has made news by turning down a plea offer that would have allowed his immediate release from jail, after more than four years on Riker’s Island waiting for trial. Li Hangbin says his daughter Annie, 70 days old when she died in 2008, seemed to choke on a bottle and quit breathing in his arms. The proseuction says he shook and slammed the little girl to death.

The plea agreement would have required Li Hangbin to plead guilty to reckless endangerment. Rejecting the plea means he will be tried for second-degree murder instead.

Remarkably, the agreement would also have meant that second-degree manslaughter charges would be dropped against Annie’s mother, Li Ying.

According to the report in yesterday’s New York Times, Annie’s mother supports his decision. The good news in yesterday’s report is that Li Ying is now out on bail, as reported in March. The couple’s other daughter, born after her mother was imprisoned in 2008, remains in the custody of the couple’s friend and former landlady.

As described in last January’s New York Time coverage of the case, the Lis have enjoyed the support of their community throughout their ordeal; supporters report that genetic tests have actually exonerated the family.

You can follow the unfolding story at this web site:

2013 Update:  Hang Bin Li was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 5 to 15 years.


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14 responses to “Accused Father Rejects Plea, Insists He’s Innocent

  1. Hi, could you please make this point clear on your blog? While Ying Li is out on bail, she does NOT have custody of her youngest and only child Angela Nianni Li because the child abuse death SBS case is not over yet. Ying Li is only authorized to visit her 4-yr-old daughter Angela Nianni Li for 4 hours per week under strict supervison from ACS workers. Ying Li is not authorized to see her child alone, not authorized to speak to her child on the phone outside of the 4 hour per week visitation time.

    • Thank you so much for clarifying. What could I have been thinking? Of course the courts would still prevent her from seeing her child. I’m so sorry.

      It sounds like you know the family—please pass on my admiration and best wishes to all. And my thanks for thinking of the larger good.

      • Actually, I don’t know the Li family at all. My Chinese friend in NYC
        has been talking about this case since 2010, before the English-speaking media caught on the case. This case receives lots of attention from the Chinese media in New York City. At first only one Chinese newspaper reported the pre-trial hearings from 2009-2010. Then the other NYC-Chinese print and TV media caught on. My Chinese friend had a gut feeling in 2010 that they were innocent even before the DNA genetic testings were done in 2012 (even though they’re total strangers, just based it on gut feelings). Now that at least 2 English-speaking print media (NY Times and NY Post) promise that they’ll cover the trial, my friend can “relax” a bit on the Chinese to English translation of the news.

  2. John Fryer

    Yes, people here are saying that every time the parents or guardian admit they are guilty (even though innocent) to get off a prison term they make it hard for the next vaccine side effect and the persecution of the innocent continues and the strength and safety of vaccines is increased.

    The harm from a vaccine is not always in the four hours allowed for ANAPHYLAXIS.

    When a fervent vaccine supporter as a teacher I insisted everyone got the vaccine to protect others. One person objected and coincidentally was the fittest in the class. From 29 who got vaccinated, one died from brain cancer less than a year later.

    15 years on I realise that delayed vaccine harm and death is almost CERTAIN!

    The parents and last with the child were never accused of SBS or suffocating or any of the experts favourite method to exclude vaccine harm.

    This case has never been put down to a vaccine induced death like millions of other vaccine events.

    I would like one of these so called experts to use their millions in funding to look at this case.

    contact me

    A death to a perfectly healthy child which could be vaccine harm and worse never considered is to me a crime and approaching that of genocide.

    The vaccine inserts show death rates of one in a thousand from vaccines but this one in 29 is shocking.

  3. John Fryer

    SBS is the protection of the vaccine industry and the adverse effects by blaming mom, dad or the last with the child (except if this was a doctor or nurse of course).

    But in the West there was a concept of innocent until proved guilty. Today this is for everyone guilty even if innocent.

    As soon as someone puts the finger on you: WATCH OUT.

    DSK got 4 days only in Rikers Island and eventually the criminal case was dropped. But he did spend time in this jail and the accounts given and accepted by the French nation tells us that this prison is unfit for any human being to stay in whether innocent or the worlds worst criminal.

    Someone should take the USA government to court for allowing this sort of inhuman incarceration to be allowed in a so called civilised country.

    But USA has the highest amount of illnesses both infectious and non-infectious for most modern illnesses.

    AIDS and E coli came from nowhere with GMO USA technology. French proof of harm is dismissed and all USA citizens are now eating food KNOWN and PROVEN to cause damage to kidneys ( so you become obese), damage to livier ( so you succulmb to hepatitis et al) and then you will have more chance of breast cancer ( gone up from near zero to epidemic levels) and cancer of the prostrate (Lance Armstrong and his GMO EPO maybe?).

    Alzheimer risk every year for me is 25 per cent maybe due to chemical farming or who knows what except 110 years ago it was not known.

    The NEJM this months tells us that USA has 10 to 20 per cent of the nation with irritable bowel syndrome (but it may be 30 per cent).

    Most people in the street could reverse all these illnesses but the experts seem hell bent on the road to hell.

    Putting people in HELL is one way they prove they are DEVILS and not GODS with their ANAPHYLACTIC vaccines, Franken Foods and organophosphate spray of the land so land is now polluted, water is polluted and if isnt AD then how about Parkinsons or Sclerosis or just plain Sudden Adult Death;

    In my life I see little hospitals and little pharmacies get bigger and bigger. Where I live there is not a single hotel but the hospital could house most of the people here and often do have 10, 20 or 30 per cent of them for illnesses which as a child hardly existed.

    SBS is one with no people in the UK maltreating their child for 75 years. Today, there are hundreds each year all being criminals coincidentally just after the childs vaccine. Funny that! But not for the harmed child or the family brought to bankruptcy if not put away on the available evidence of Meadow type chaps. She is guilty! OFF WITH HER HEAD! I know about these things. TRUST ME I AM A DOCTOR!

  4. Vaccines cause infants to stop breathing. They also cause brain hemorrhaging. Shaken baby is a false diagnosis. There is plenty of expert documentation supporting this FACT. Vaccines contain too MANY toxic chemicals that cause MUCH destruction to lots of children. WHEN WILL WE SEE THE LAST OF THESE PATHETIC UNJUST CASES??? CANADA REALIZED IT, WHY NOT U.S. ?

    • This case has NOTHING to do with vaccines. Read the latest NY Times article dated Oct 25, 2012 about Hangbin Li and Ying Li. It’s genetic defects.

      • John Fryer

        This case has NOTHING to do with vaccines.

        Is this child one of the one per cent that has not had a vaccine? The authority view of any problem is that there is genetic susceptibility and vaccine effects are no different. I am not certain of China but many countries such as South Korea do follow the USA system of vaccines which means vaccines on the first day of life. Far too soon but in USA this goes to stupid levels with vaccines during pregnancy and proven harm in papers that say there is no harm. In addition they refused to look at sudden terminations after vaccines which went up from 1 complaint a year to 187 complaints a year when vaccines were optional to pregnant mothers. The research paper did magnaminously say there is NO BENEFIT from such vaccines.

        60 years ago, rather than vaccines and drugs et al the UK decided vitamins, milk and good food might be good for the newly arrived baby.

        Today we subscribe to the benefit of miracle new chemicals never met before in the history of any living organism and as a chemist I find this tantamount to attempted murder.

        The latest is new life forms or fragments of the same which go under the name of GMO foods, GMO vaccines and GMO drugs nearly all of which have been called into question for safety from some scientists while the trillion dollar Big pHARMa industry can see no wrong in them and can see no illness in any USA person today.

        Amazing that.

      • Is that article available online? It might be helpful to get more information about the medical evaluation made. Also, there’s always the possibility of multiple causes coming together. Of course vaccines cause infants to stop breathing, and cause brain swelling (encephalitis) and when that happens bleeding is always a strong possibility, or bleeding due to vit C deficiency caused by vaccines, infection or meds which in turn causes brain swelling, but a confluence of events and multiple causes may (or may not) contribute to the symptoms, not just one cause, but if anyone believes that any medical information voluntarily released to the media implicating vaccines in these symptoms they must be dreaming. In the case I’m working on, the infant stopped breathing two days after her first vaccination and was in the hospital for a week, but the words “vaccine injury” never, ever appeared on any report. By the time she was a month old she was back in the hospital with all sorts of symptoms/”injuries” attributed to the parents. That included a depressed skull fracture. The only problem was that they did x-rays when she was admitted to the hospital the second time, and there were no skull fractures. A day later, there they were. The parents weren’t allowed to see her–but of course THEY DID IT, even though they had no access to her after her admission. There probably were genetic factors involved in the Chinese case…but there may have been a lot more too. Claiming that vaccines had NOTHING to do with this case may or may not be true, but taking the word of a media report and conventional medical sources directly involved with this case is naive.

    • I have approved a number of comments about vaccines here, because I think families whose children suffer vaccine damage have a tough fight, and because I have encountered a few cases where vaccines seem to have played a part in abuse accusations, but I feel obliged to clarify that I have seen many, many other root causes for the symptoms that are commonly misdiagnosed as shaking injuries. -Sue

      • John Fryer

        shakenbazbymyth has mentioned something which is very, very, very vital to all those accused and may even be useful to vaccine experts to beazr in mind if they can get their prejudices behind them.

        A baby goes to hospital AFTER it seems a second vaccine, When the first had already caused problems. The hospital does an X ray and all is well (concerning exploding bones, gristle et al that is but not the adverse vaccine effect building up). The next day the baby shows X Ray evidence of fractures in the tissue surrounding the brain. What does this show? It shows that due to the vaccines the head has BLOWN UP. I have one case where this was over 90 per cent. This then causes holes or splits in the brain covering. I have asked for many years that head measurements are done both before and a day or so after the vaccines. Here there were no measurements but the X Ray has clearly shown immediately after the head is normal and a day later the X Ray shows the obvious splits as the brain BLOWS UP. Is it normal that after a vaccine a normal head should expand so that the next X Ray shows sign taken by the worlds experts to be SBS or clear evidence of harm by the last person with that child? The hospital should be taken to court and put in prison but of course they have a get out of jail free card. And the hundreds in UK for example (circa 250 a year) that are shown to SBS their child after spending one year of developing the baby and thousands on clothes et al only to SBS the infant immediately after their protective vaccines.

        Does it not occur to doctors that the Nobel Prize winner Charles Richet got his prize for good science and not the Witch Hunting of the likes of MEADOW, SMITH and CHADWICK etc etc .

  5. Katie

    Good luck with this family…

  6. So many parents or caretakers have been threatened with certain conviction and very long sentences if they dare go to trial based on SBS triad symptoms alone, which have since been shown up as an unproven hypothesis without supporting science, in fact science now leans squarely in the direction against the symptoms being caused by shaking, particularly without neck and spinal injuries according to studies by the experts in this field–biomechanical engineers, and supporting sciences. These kind of threats by the prosecution have been so effective and successful that the majority have been bullied into taking plea bargains as the lesser of two evils in what appeared to be a hopeless fight. Prosecutors push for those pleas as more and more science moves against what was formerly a slam-dunk kind of conviction. What could be more convincing of parents’ innocence than refusing to take the easy way out when it was offered? Their courage under fire should inspire all of us, but it isn’t over yet. The medico-legal “cartel” wields enormous power still, and continues to try to steamroll over the growing opposition, so we must remain vigilant and continue with the good fight and support people like this in any way we are able to.

  7. meenadirtqueena

    God bless the Li’s. I have been following this story since the Times first reported it. I wish Mr. Li good luck and great representation during his trial. And for the mother…from experience…I wish healing in the relationship with her young daughter. It isn’t easy when the State prevents you from properly bonding with your child, especially when you’re unable to properly process the grief surrounding the death of your first born baby girl. But these people have shown such strength and courage already, I have absolute faith that she will find her way.

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