Conversations With Dr. A. Norman Guthkelch

Dr. A. Norman Guthkelch was the first person to propose in print, in the British Medical Journal in 1971, that shaking an infant could cause subdural hematoma. He is now spending his retirement years trying to straighten out what he considers a “horrifying misinterpretation” of his work.

For a profile of Dr. Guthkelch, please see this blog posting.

August 2016 update: Dr. Guthkelch died quietly at home on July 28, 2016. I posted this obituary.

For about 22 minutes of excerpts from my interviews with him, please click the image below:

2 responses to “Conversations With Dr. A. Norman Guthkelch

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  2. Something that has stuck in my head from this interview.
    “I think we need to go back to the drawing board and make a more thorough assessment of these more fatal cases, and I am going to bet . . . that we are going to to find that in every – or at least the large majority of cases, the child had another severe illness of some sort which was missed until too late.”

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