Ripples Follow Smith Decision

Emily Bazelon, the author of last winter’s New York Times Magazine piece questioning SBS, has published a gratifying criticism of the recent, unfortunate Supreme Court decision in the Shirley Ree Smith case. Her new article is on, at:

A Vindictive Decision

As usual, the posted comments are especially interesting:  Most responders are focused on the legal issues, especially whether or not the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals should be allowed to reverse a jury’s decision.

For those with personal experience in the arena, following Ms. Bazelon’s link to the November 2011 Posner decision is well worth the time.

A number of attorneys have also posted what read to me like critical analyses of the Smith decision, including:

Sherry F. Colb, The Supreme Court Preserves the Chain of Command by Returning a Grandmother to Prison


Vikram David Amar, The First Supreme Court Ruling of the Year.

I’m encouraged by the overall feeling I get of discomfort with the Smith decision.  Please do let me know if you have a different take on it.

-Sue Luttner

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