Diagnosis Murder: Tonight on Canadian Television

July 2015 update: The page for this episode has been removed from the CBC archives, as we can’t really expect them to keep everything on line forever. Too bad. It’s an excellent program. I’m sure it’s archived somewhere, waiting to be revived when the rest of the world catches up with them.

the fifth estate, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news program, is taking a look tonight at infant shaking: http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/episodes/2011-2012/diagnosis-murder

March 2014 update:  The program is now viewable in the U.S. on YouTube, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yuxEvN8gp0 March 2012 update: The program is excellent, and it’s posted on the internet in Canada. Alas, the Canadian web site does not let viewers in the U.S. see the program.  The good news is that everything on the site except the feature itself is viewable internationally. See, for example, an interview with the reporter, Gillian Findlay. The site also offers extended interviews with a few of the experts quoted in the story: law professor Keith Findley from the Wisconsin Innocence Project, pediatric neuropathologist Dr. Waney Squier, and forensic pathologist Dr John Plunkett.

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  1. Liora

    it is at VIMEO. Fifth Estate: “Diagnosis Murder”

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