Good News on Old Cases

Like so much else in the past year, the first two cases I’ve come across since refocusing on the shaken baby debate involve defendants of color. While any family can be the target of misguided abuse accusations, the chances go up for non-white parents and caregivers. The good news is that these cases are in the news because the courts have reconsidered.

More details about the Texas case


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7 responses to “Good News on Old Cases

  1. kitdimambrocomcastnet

    Thank you so very much keeping this on the legal forefront. SBS is still not understood by the prosecutors, juries and judges. They indeed now changed the name to “Blunt force trauma” to encompass what law enforcement/old school physicians used to determine and “name” SBS, to include all the same symptoms that include accidents on a much larger scale. All the same problems exist with prosecutors ( and all their cronies)wanting to win, regardless of truth. Sometimes for some of those prosecutor’s (Macomb Co, Mi) and cronies other truths are uncovered. So much corruption, it will probably several more years to clean house.

  2. Rae Ellen Rourke

    Thank you Sue for all your support to so many. You have certainly been a beacon of light for the innocent.

    I pray for the day that Michelle Heale, my niece is free.

  3. Audrey A Edmunds

    Thanks for your efforts in helping others who are wrongfully convicted and bringing more awareness on this.

  4. Tom Vaughan

    SBS is BS! Free Marsha Mills!

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