Florida Conviction Brings Out the Worst in Human Nature

These tragedies trigger such hatred.

A father in Florida, 28-year-old Jonathan Gelb, has been convicted of aggravated child abuse for a presumed shaking assault on his son in 2008, when the boy was only two months old. Young Lukuz developed breathing problems while in the care of his father, and at the hospital was found to have a broken leg and brain injuries “consistent with shaken baby syndrome.” The child had no bruising or other external signs of assault.

What dismays me right now is the comments posted on the internet following the Tampa Bay Times coverage of the conviction. We are all horrified at the notion of shaking and battering a helpless baby, but these cases seem to encourage people to celebrate other forms of  violence. “Put him in a paint shaker for 30 years” is unsettling, but it didn’t bother me as much as, “Ha, ha, dirtbag. Can’t wait until you get shaken by your booty in prison! Better yet, kill yourself and make the world a better place.”

In their defense, these people have been told that this father is guilty of a heinous crime. We are the heretics, those who understand how wrong a diagnosis of infant shaking can be. Still, I can’t help feeling like we’re tapped into some direct line to human blood-lust. The hatred comes quickly and unfettered.

The case coverage earlier in the week received fewer comments, and two of them were from our side, but I haven’t yet figured out how to respond to yesterday’s article and comments. Good luck to us all.


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2 responses to “Florida Conviction Brings Out the Worst in Human Nature

  1. JohnFryer

    Something like 900 000 cases of SBS reported every year (USA alone). A figure even I find hard to believe. But what is believable is the vaccine adverse effects to the VERY VERY few it does affect. Immediately sudden infant death follows or in lesser cases brain swelling in less than one day and often it affects ALL bones in the body picked up and WRONGLY diagnosed as ABUSE.

    Tell me how you can break every bone in the body and leave NO outward signs of injury then perhaps I TOO will believe in SBS by a VAST number of apparently loving parents.

    Also tell me how you can abuse one long bone in 100 different places with millimetre precision of recovery signs. The damage to the bones is REGULAR and NUMEROUS. Ie totally IMPOSSIBLE to inflict by any person.

    The unthinkable is that medical interventions BEFORE the accusations of SBS are the source of the problem.

    The witnesses in court PERJURING themselves:

    1 For large sums of money of around 50 000 dollars a time.

    2 Protecting the medical practice from legal suits of injecting NEUROTOXINS into little babies one day old. Eg from 1991 when Neil Halsey recommended Hep B vaccine at age ONE DAY. impossible to contract this illness until you practice MULTIPLE unprotected SEX. Hardly an activity at age one day.

    3 Protecting both Government and Regulators from their inability to Govern or to Regulate.

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