Parents Working for Change

A coalition of accused families and the professionals who support them has formed a non-profit corporation, Protecting Innocent Families, PIF web site. The group is now collecting signatures on a petition asking for an objective, scientific review of the evidence base for the current guidelines for diagnosing child abuse: PIF petition

Accused parents have formed a number of on-line interest groups, including

which requires joining Facebook.

The Bayne family in Canada has organized a number of conferences for the falsely accused, under the name Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation (EBMSI). EBMSI also provides resources and support to accused families at Their Facebook site is at

I’ve written up my notes from Dr. John Plunkett’s talk at the 2012 EBMSI conference at “Evidence-Based Medicine and Shaken Baby Syndrome,” and the talk by attorney Zachary Bravos at  “Parents, Meet the Experts, Experts, Meet the Parents.

A number of individuals have become activists on their own, reaching out to affected families and helping them through the crisis. For a moving presentation by a potent force, see this YouTube video, and for a from-the-heart blog, please see Not Shaken: Surviving False Accusations of Child Abuse.

For other resources for the falsely accused, see the Resources page of this blog.

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